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Friday, September 1, 2017

Dream Home: Breeze Blocks

Today I'm starting a new series called Dream Home.  In this series, I'll post about home features that I dream of incorporating into my home someday. My husband and I just started our 2nd (and last) year in our tiny efficiency apartment and we're looking forward to finding a small house to rent starting next summer. Buying a home won't be in the cards for us for a few more years (at least) so, until then, I can live vicariously through this series. I'll probably only publish one Dream Home post a month but it's a fun way for me to keep track of my favorite home ideas until I can actually implement them (hopefully) in my actual dream home.

I'm excited to kick off the series with one of my favorite mid-century home features: breeze blocks! Breeze blocks have been around America since the 1930s but became most ubiquitous in the '50s and '60s in mid-century architecture (see Palm Springs). They're usually not used structurally but are mostly used in balcony and patio screens, carports, and garden walls, as a sort of transition from the inside world to the outside world. Breeze blocks are a great way to create a durable screen for privacy, sun shading, and weather protection. They also create a fun design element with their geometric patterns that create beautiful shadows. As a fan of mid-century architecture and design, I love breeze blocks and would happily add a screen of them to a carport or garden in my dream home yard. Check out some lovely examples of breeze block or breeze block inspired walls below.


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