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Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Faves - Vol. 001

Happy Friday! This weekend my MIL is getting married in Savannah, so the hubs and I are headed down there for the long Memorial Day weekend. We’re going on a Haunted Pub Crawl on River Street as a pre-wedding activity (so excited!) and we’re hoping to fit in a beach trip to Tybee Island and maybe some thrifting, too. Today I thought I’d start a new series called “Friday Faves” that will showcase some of my favorite things that I read, watched, and listened to in the past week. That way you have some fun suggestions for things to do during the weekend. Check out this week’s faves below!


I finished up the latest season (S2) of Netflix’s Master of None, starring Aziz Ansari. I absolutely LOVE this show. It manages to be funny, heartfelt, and beautiful, while bringing up important social issues (that are often overlooked in other shows) in ways that are easy to relate to. This season starts out with Dev, the main character played by Aziz, in Italy, making pasta, eating lots of yummy food, and living a simple life in Modena. It’s definitely worth a watch...I’m already looking forward to the next season!

My husband and I also binge-watched the new Netflix docu-series, The Keepers. It focuses on the unsolved murder of a nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik, in Baltimore in the late ‘60s and delves into all the creepy and things going on at that may have led to her death. SO good. I will say that there is lots of talk and graphic details about disturbing events that could trigger some painful memories for survivors of sexual abuse, so maybe keep that in mind before watching. But it is a very intriguing and thought-provoking story that makes you want answers! I’m really hoping that some new evidence or details will come out now that the documentary has aired.


I LOVE podcasts. I am constantly trying out new ones while keeping up with the ten or so regular podcasts that I listen to faithfully (I literally listen to them all day while I work at my office job). I will probably do a round-up of my top ten podcasts soon, but I wanted to shout-out to a new-to-me podcast, Here to Make Friends, which is a Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise/etc recap show. I’ve only listened to the first episode of this season, which is about the premiere of Rachel Lindsey’s season on Bachelorette, but I’m already obsessed. The hosts, Claire Fallon and Emma Gray, are very personable and funny and smart. And their special guest for this first episode was Alison Williams, who I am also a fan of. For anyone that loves or loves to hate the Bachelor franchise, this is a great podcast to listen to. You will laugh out loud and totally identify with their observations and snark.


I’m in the middle of reading Joan Didion’s latest release, South and West. I’m a big fan of Didion, although I haven’t read nearly enough of her extensive library of writings, and this book especially intrigued me because I love reading about people’s perceptions of the South. Joan is someone who keeps notebooks, which is one reason I love her so much, because I have also been keeping notebooks of some sort for most of my life, to keep track of daily observances, overheard conversations, and interesting sights. This book was compiled from never-before-seen notebooks on a trip she took with her husband to parts of the coastal South in the 70s. So far I’m loving her insightful and objective observations. I’m hoping to finish this read this weekend.

That’s it for our first ever Friday Faves post! I love reading round-ups like this and often get inspiration for things to do on my weekends from reading other bloggers’ suggestions, so I’m really excited to keep up with this series!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


*intro image by Olivia Rae James for Glitter Guide