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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Meteor Shower Memories

In honor of tonight's annual Quadrantids meteor shower, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on three distinct meteor shower memories from my past. The first memory took place when I was in high school in the early-2000s during the Perseids meteor shower. I was spending the night at my friend Jen's house and she had invited her boyfriend and his curly-headed friend over to watch the star show with us. We brought mattresses out onto Jen's back porch and sat out there in the chilly fall night, counting literally hundreds of shooting stars. It was so magical that I just HAD to make out with the curly-headed friend. So there's that...

My second meteor shower memory was seven years ago, during the Quadrantids meteor shower in January of 2010. My little brother and our good mutual friend had the brilliant idea to avoid light pollution and drive way out to the country to watch the meteor shower. We put a mattress in the back of our friend's truck, bundled up, and drove out to the cow fields. As we pulled down a random dirt road, we met a long line of cars full of other people who had the exact same brilliant idea as us that night. It ended up being a nice little surprise. We lay in the back of the truck, drinking eggnog and searching for meteors, listening to the conversations around us. I think we only ended up seeing one or two actual meteors, if any, but the overall feeling of that night was very memorable.

My third meteor shower memory was also more memorable for the experience itself and the company I kept than for how spectacular the meteor shower was. It was a few months after I started dating my soon-to-be husband and we drove out to the country to watch the Perseids meteor shower. This time, no one else was out in the fields, and for good reason, as we didn't end up seeing a single meteor. But we did have a good time, laying on the roof of my car, Blueberry, getting to know each other better and listening to music through the open car windows.

You should try to see if you can catch any shooting stars tonight. Make it a to-do and invite people you love. Even if you don't see a single meteor, it will be a worthwhile memory, I promise.


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