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Monday, October 3, 2016

BIG NEWS: I'm engaged!

Hoo-ray! Matt and I got engaged on October 1, 2016! We've been together for over four years and we've lived together for over two. And we'd been talking more and more about the future and of course we both hope to spend it together. So we're getting hitched!


Matt was born and raised in Savannah and most of his family still lives there so he and I headed down to his family's house on Tybee Island for the weekend to visit with his mom and her boyfriend. Matt and I went down to the beach Saturday evening and swam in the ocean then sat in the sand to watch the waves. We moved up to one of the wooden swings near the dunes and he proposed to me there. We immediately called and texted our close friends and family then went back to the house to celebrate with champagne.


Matt gave me his maternal grandmother's engagement ring from the 1950s. Those of you who know me know how much I LOVE mid-century '50s and '60s things. This ring is no exception. I never thought I'd be into a big diamond ring but the Art Deco vibe to this one makes me forget that. And it fits perfectly! My mom told me that the engagement ring that my dad gave her was his maternal grandmother's, too. So that made the whole thing extra sweet and special to me.


We really want a short engagement so we don't have to drag out the nightmare of wedding planning. So we're planning on getting married in the spring of 2017. We also want our wedding and any celebrations to be about both Matt and I as a couple and not bride-centric affairs. We're looking to have a relaxed, fun, semi-casual wedding that reflects our relationship. We both have the same #1 priority going into this and that is to be able to include every member of our huge but closeknit families and all of our closest friends in our celebration.

I'll be updating the blog each month with the current state of our planning process. And be sure to check out #mattandchelseagethitched on Instagram for photo updates. We hope you enjoy the making of our big day!


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