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Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer 2016 To Do List

Happy Summer! As a Southerner, I have a love/hate relationship with this season. On the one hand, I LOVE summer: my college town turns into a ghost town of locals when the students go home for summer break, it stays light until late in the evening, we always have a few epic thunderstorms that roll in and temporarily cool down the earth and I love the overall feel of summer activities, like catching lightning bugs, hanging out at the lake and having porch beers with friends. However, I HATE breaking out into a sweat just walking to my car after work, the amount of bugs that show up from seemingly nowhere, and the oppressive humidity that makes the air feel so THICK. That being said, it will always be a season that holds a certain magic to me, despite the high temperatures. Check out my Summer To Do List below, for some fun activities to keep your mind off of the heat.

1. learn how to read palms.
2. pickle some okra, can some tomatoes, and make some strawberry jam.
3. host a pool party.
4. shibori dye something in indigo.
5. make the perfect bloody mary mix.
6. teach yourself to play "Moon River" on ukulele.
7. go on a date to a drive-in movie.
8. sew a colorful skirt.
9. try a new summery beer (or three).
10. perfect your campfire cooking skills.

We'll be checking off the items on our Summer To Do List over the next three months and posting about them on here or on our Instagram so be sure to follow us @honeyandsmokestudio. If you feel like joining in, tag your Summer To Do List posts with #honeyandsmokesummertodolist.


*intro image by Maria Svarbova

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