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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life As of Late: May 2016

May went surprisingly fast this year. Like, seriously, how is it already June?! The weather is already in the 90s here in Georgia with some seriously bright and sunny days. Most of the flowers have already bloomed and gone away (RIP peonies, rhododendrons & jasmine) but I have some wild gardenias that just opened up yesterday that smell AMAZING next to my front porch. May was a pretty quiet month but a good one, for the most part. Here’s a look back at some happenings, plus the things I watched, read and listened to in May.

May started off with a visit to my parents in the mountains. Mom took me on a tour of her gardens. Her rhododendrons and some of her roses were blooming brilliantly. I brought her some pink hyssop, borage and nasturtiums for a belated birthday present. It was a plant-filled weekend, if you couldn’t guess. And there may have been a “Tiny House Hunters” marathon in there somewhere, too. It was way cool to see so many variations on tiny houses.

I woke up the next day (Monday) sick with a cold/flu and had to take off of work for two days. The cold turned into a mild bronchitis but after a week I was feeling 100% better.

I spent many evening and weekend hours sorting and purging all of our belongings. I’ve literally been going through EVERY SINGLE THING, room by room (Marie Kondo would be so upset with my method...oops), deciding whether things are worth keeping around. Matt and I will be moving in August and probably downsizing quite a bit to save some dough so getting rid of things is a necessary evil. Plus it will make packing that much easier. Forward thinking, amirite?

Matt and I went to my friend Jay’s wedding in mid-May. It was a simple and sweet and beautiful afternoon and evening and I got to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in years. The food was top-notch, too. Mac-and-kimchee, anyone? I rented a Junarose silk shift dress with a cute cacti print from Rent the Runway to wear for the event.

I had a week of staff appreciation events at my job towards the end of the month. I went to an award ceremony, a catered lunch with our grad students, a lunch out with the rest of the department staff, and even a huge staff field day where I was given a bag of cotton candy and got to decorate a frisbee with spinart. Fun times.

I started taking aqua aerobics classes twice a week at a local pool and I LOVE it. It’s so nice to get in the pool after a long day at work, especially when it’s over 90 degrees and humid outside. I had never taken an aqua aerobics class before and I was going by myself so I had some first day jitters but everyone was friendly and the class was fun so those jitters quickly went away. The instructor was impressed that I had never taken a class before and told me I would be teaching the class by next summer so that felt pretty good, too.

I finished the first six weeks of my first anxiety medication prescription in May. I’m very proud of this because I kinda shrugged off my stress and anxiety issues for years and years. I thought that the way that I felt on a daily basis was normal and I was somehow not as good as everyone else at dealing with normal stresses and anxiety. But it turns out my normal is not the normal of a person with good mental health and it took me awhile to accept that. I finally sought the help I needed after my issues morphed into panic disorder and I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought I was dying. It’s hard to explain your specific brand of panic attacks to others so I won’t go into that here but I’m thankful that I got help and started taking a medication to help me out. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to wean myself off and learn to deal with my anxiety naturally but for now this is what I need. Adjusting to the meds was rough at times but I’m glad that I persisted because now my anxiety is much lower than before and I’m better at recognizing the symptoms and calming myself down. Even though it’s hard to talk about sometimes, I think it’s important to put these things out in the open. When I was having my panic attacks, one of the only things that helped me feel better was reading stories of other people who were experiencing the same things as me. It really helps to not feel alone with mental health issues.

On a lighter note, here's a fuzzy photo update of Picasso being cute. Plus, this month I…

WATCHED The O.C. on Hulu (throwback!), the start of JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, and season 5 of Game of Thrones (getting caught up).

LISTENED TO the Clever podcast (a podcast about design...check out my girl Genevieve Gorder’s episode), Drake’s new album and Rihanna’s new album.

And that about sums up May. I hope y’all had a lovely month and are looking forward to June, like me.


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