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Friday, June 24, 2016

Nailed It!: Sail La Vie by Sinful Colors

I'm starting a new post series called "Nailed It!" where I will feature fun new nail colors as I try them out. Today we're looking at a beautiful baby blue called Sail La Vie by Sinful Colors. I found it at my local Target store for only $2.04. BARGAIN. It reminds me of summer afternoons spent at the neighborhood pool and it is the EXACT same shade of blue as the hydrangeas that are blooming at my mum's house. The color went on smoothly and the applicator brush was easy to use. I believe I put two thin coats on my nails for these photos (don't mind my less-than-stellar nail painting skills). All in all, it's a fun, summery blue that will add a bright pop of color to any outfit.

How do you feel about Sail La Vie? Would you try it out?


Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer 2016 To Do List

Happy Summer! As a Southerner, I have a love/hate relationship with this season. On the one hand, I LOVE summer: my college town turns into a ghost town of locals when the students go home for summer break, it stays light until late in the evening, we always have a few epic thunderstorms that roll in and temporarily cool down the earth and I love the overall feel of summer activities, like catching lightning bugs, hanging out at the lake and having porch beers with friends. However, I HATE breaking out into a sweat just walking to my car after work, the amount of bugs that show up from seemingly nowhere, and the oppressive humidity that makes the air feel so THICK. That being said, it will always be a season that holds a certain magic to me, despite the high temperatures. Check out my Summer To Do List below, for some fun activities to keep your mind off of the heat.

1. learn how to read palms.
2. pickle some okra, can some tomatoes, and make some strawberry jam.
3. host a pool party.
4. shibori dye something in indigo.
5. make the perfect bloody mary mix.
6. teach yourself to play "Moon River" on ukulele.
7. go on a date to a drive-in movie.
8. sew a colorful skirt.
9. try a new summery beer (or three).
10. perfect your campfire cooking skills.

We'll be checking off the items on our Summer To Do List over the next three months and posting about them on here or on our Instagram so be sure to follow us @honeyandsmokestudio. If you feel like joining in, tag your Summer To Do List posts with #honeyandsmokesummertodolist.


*intro image by Maria Svarbova

Friday, June 17, 2016

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Recap

Happy Friday! Today I'm giving a recap of the Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe posts. If you missed the original posts or want links to each individual clothing item, you can find them here: Five Dresses for Work, Five Tops for Work, Five Bottoms for Work, Five Dresses for Play, Five Tops for Play, Five Bottoms for Play.

Below, we show you the entire work and play wardrobes together to give you a better idea of how the capsule wardrobe works and to give you suggestions for our favorite outfit pairings.

For the work wardrobe, you can mix and match pretty much all of the tops and bottoms together. The slouchy white pocketed blouse is especially versatile. Particular favorite outfits are the slouchy white pocketed blouse with the patterned skinny pants (which would look extra cute with some strappy flat sandals or round toed pumps), the navy and white striped tee with the mint green midi skirt, and the navy blouse with the red cropped pants (paired with a colorful long necklace for an extra pop of color).

Be sure to sprinkle the work dresses in throughout your work week on days when you don't feel like putting an outfit together and you want something easy to slip on and go.

The lilac skinny jeans would look great paired with the white cutout shirt or the casual printed button-up. We also LOVE the mustard yellow top with the blue & white striped shorts. For the Fourth of July, you could wear the red eyelet dress, the navy playsuit, or the red sleeveless top with the blue & white striped shorts. CUTE!

There are so many different combinations you could make with both the work wardrobe and the play wardrobe. Plus, you could combine items from both wardrobes, like the white slouchy pocketed blouse from the work tops and the navy elastic-waist embroidered shorts from the play bottoms. With only 30 items, you could easily make a month's worth of outfits without ever wearing the same thing twice!

We hope you enjoyed our Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe. Check back in late summer/early fall for our Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe suggestions.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Things We Heart: Flair

Things We Heart: Flair from Honey and Smoke Studio
Today on Things We Heart we're celebrating flair! I've been collecting flair since my American Girl days, when Grin Pins were all the rage. But I must say, pin makers have been upping their game lately and now you can find virtually anything in pin form. Avocados? Yup! David Lynch's head? Check! A gold Xanax bar? You bet! You can find some of my favorite flair in the round-up above and the links to shop each pin below.

Now I just have to find the perfect denim jacket to decorate! ;)


P.S. The Best Friend Pizza Slice Pins and the Popsicle BFF Pins would be ESPECIALLY perfect gifts for your besties for Best Friends Day (today) or any day really!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Five Bottoms for Play

Hey, hey! Today we're finishing up the last installment of our Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe with Five Bottoms for Play. These are meant to be mixed and matched with the Five Tops for Play but they could easily be mixed in with some of the Five Tops for Work, too. On June 17th (Friday), we'll post a recap of our Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe with outfit suggestions so you can better see how the capsule wardrobe works as a whole. If you missed the other 5 installments of the Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe, you can find them here: Five Dresses for Work, Five Dresses for Play, Five Tops for Work, Five Tops for Play, Five Bottoms for Work. See details on the Five Bottoms for Play below.

Cute, huh? Stay tuned for the recap of the Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe on June 17th!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life As of Late: May 2016

May went surprisingly fast this year. Like, seriously, how is it already June?! The weather is already in the 90s here in Georgia with some seriously bright and sunny days. Most of the flowers have already bloomed and gone away (RIP peonies, rhododendrons & jasmine) but I have some wild gardenias that just opened up yesterday that smell AMAZING next to my front porch. May was a pretty quiet month but a good one, for the most part. Here’s a look back at some happenings, plus the things I watched, read and listened to in May.

May started off with a visit to my parents in the mountains. Mom took me on a tour of her gardens. Her rhododendrons and some of her roses were blooming brilliantly. I brought her some pink hyssop, borage and nasturtiums for a belated birthday present. It was a plant-filled weekend, if you couldn’t guess. And there may have been a “Tiny House Hunters” marathon in there somewhere, too. It was way cool to see so many variations on tiny houses.

I woke up the next day (Monday) sick with a cold/flu and had to take off of work for two days. The cold turned into a mild bronchitis but after a week I was feeling 100% better.

I spent many evening and weekend hours sorting and purging all of our belongings. I’ve literally been going through EVERY SINGLE THING, room by room (Marie Kondo would be so upset with my method...oops), deciding whether things are worth keeping around. Matt and I will be moving in August and probably downsizing quite a bit to save some dough so getting rid of things is a necessary evil. Plus it will make packing that much easier. Forward thinking, amirite?

Matt and I went to my friend Jay’s wedding in mid-May. It was a simple and sweet and beautiful afternoon and evening and I got to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in years. The food was top-notch, too. Mac-and-kimchee, anyone? I rented a Junarose silk shift dress with a cute cacti print from Rent the Runway to wear for the event.

I had a week of staff appreciation events at my job towards the end of the month. I went to an award ceremony, a catered lunch with our grad students, a lunch out with the rest of the department staff, and even a huge staff field day where I was given a bag of cotton candy and got to decorate a frisbee with spinart. Fun times.

I started taking aqua aerobics classes twice a week at a local pool and I LOVE it. It’s so nice to get in the pool after a long day at work, especially when it’s over 90 degrees and humid outside. I had never taken an aqua aerobics class before and I was going by myself so I had some first day jitters but everyone was friendly and the class was fun so those jitters quickly went away. The instructor was impressed that I had never taken a class before and told me I would be teaching the class by next summer so that felt pretty good, too.

I finished the first six weeks of my first anxiety medication prescription in May. I’m very proud of this because I kinda shrugged off my stress and anxiety issues for years and years. I thought that the way that I felt on a daily basis was normal and I was somehow not as good as everyone else at dealing with normal stresses and anxiety. But it turns out my normal is not the normal of a person with good mental health and it took me awhile to accept that. I finally sought the help I needed after my issues morphed into panic disorder and I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought I was dying. It’s hard to explain your specific brand of panic attacks to others so I won’t go into that here but I’m thankful that I got help and started taking a medication to help me out. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to wean myself off and learn to deal with my anxiety naturally but for now this is what I need. Adjusting to the meds was rough at times but I’m glad that I persisted because now my anxiety is much lower than before and I’m better at recognizing the symptoms and calming myself down. Even though it’s hard to talk about sometimes, I think it’s important to put these things out in the open. When I was having my panic attacks, one of the only things that helped me feel better was reading stories of other people who were experiencing the same things as me. It really helps to not feel alone with mental health issues.

On a lighter note, here's a fuzzy photo update of Picasso being cute. Plus, this month I…

WATCHED The O.C. on Hulu (throwback!), the start of JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, and season 5 of Game of Thrones (getting caught up).

LISTENED TO the Clever podcast (a podcast about design...check out my girl Genevieve Gorder’s episode), Drake’s new album and Rihanna’s new album.

And that about sums up May. I hope y’all had a lovely month and are looking forward to June, like me.