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Monday, May 30, 2016

Brunch and Booze Book Club: June 2016

It’s almost June! Which means it’s time for another Brunch & Booze Book Club post! But first, if you read May’s B&B Book Club book, Caramello, how did you like it? I love the focus on Hispanic culture and family life and the vibrant imagery that Sandra Cisneros created throughout the book. It’s such a good read! And how did you like the recommended brunch and booze pairings? I mean, I’m down with huevos rancheros and morning-time margaritas any time, but I thought they worked especially well with lazy Sunday mornings spent reading Caramello.

Without further ado, June’s Brunch and Booze Book Club selection is…

The Vacationers by Emma Straub! This book came out last summer and I’ve been meaning to check it out ever since. I thought it would be appropriate to read during the summer vacation months, especially when I’m craving a “beach read” with a little more substance. Here is an excerpt from a book review by Laura M. Browning for The A.V. Club:

“The Vacationers centers on two generations of the Post family: Parents Frannie and Jim are dealing with infidelity as they ostensibly celebrate 35 years of marriage; their son Bobby is secretly in debt, and his Miamian gym-rat girlfriend, Carmen, has never really fit in with his literary New York family; the Posts’ daughter, Sylvia, is about to go off to college and desperately wants to lose her virginity first. They travel to Mallorca for a two-week vacation with longtime friends Charles and Lawrence, who are trying to adopt a baby. In the hands of a lesser author, this setup might fall squarely into the oft-maligned genre of “beach reading,” something mildly distracting for a perfect summer day, but with no real substance. It might either suffer for being mundane, or it might end up an overwrought disaster. But Straub has a knack, reminiscent of Lorrie Moore, for writing beautiful prose about ordinary situations. And so these families are more than thinly drawn, upper-middle-class, well-educated, white vacationers. They are people who have cheated on their partners; people who try desperately to be something they’re not; people still trying to grow up, no matter what their ages.”

I thought The Vacationers would be fun to read while lounging around the pool mid-morning, before the water has warmed up enough for you to jump in. In the book, the Post family is vacationing in Mallorca, Spain, so we thought it would be nice to try this traditional Mallorcan breakfast pastry, ensaimada:

Brunch and Booze Book Club: June 2016 from Honey and Smoke Studio // Ensaimada de Mallorca from Bake to the Roots

I bet it would pair well with this mimosa-like Agua de Valencia drink:

Brunch and Booze Book Club: June 2016 from Honey and Smoke Studio // Agua de Valencia from Oh The Things We'll Make

Yum. Hope you guys enjoy the book! I'm excited to get started on it myself!


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