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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring 2016 To Do List

Spring 2016 To Do List from Honey and Smoke Studio // Flower Bomb photo from Designlovefest

Warm sunny days, cool breezy nights, cicadas humming, pollen coating everything, ants in my kitchen - spring has sprung, you guys! I am always shocked at the difference the transition from winter into spring makes in my life. I don’t feel like I hate winter all that much, but when the days are longer and warm enough to bare my legs, I am overwhelmed with good feels and serotonin coursing through my body. It feels like I turn into a whole new person. And I love it. I had many laughs over this Loft/Busy Philipps video because I can COMPLETELY identify with that springtime manic-ness. Check out my spring to do list below for a little bit of springtime craziness and a lot of springtime fun.

1. Create a hula hoop workout routine to help stay fit while having fun.
2. Make a colorful clutch for warm evenings out on the town.
3. Sort through and refresh nail polish collection.
4. KonMari the bookshelves.
5. Go on a date for fresh Mexican food and margaritas.
6. Visit friends in Denver, CO.
7. Dream up a spring/summer capsule wardrobe.
8. Reread an old favorite book.
9. Add some new flair to pin collection.
10. Sew pom poms on a throw pillow.

We’ll be checking off the items on our Spring To Do List over the next three months and posting about them on here or on our Instagram so be sure to follow us @honeyandsmokestudio. If you feel like joining in, tag your Spring To Do List posts with #honeyandsmokespringtodolist.


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