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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gilmore Girls Christmas Traditions

 Gilmore Girls: Santa's Secret Stuff

In honor of what we consider one of the coziest shows ever, we've put together a short list of Christmas traditions from Gilmore Girls (cultivated from S7, E11: Santa's Secret Stuff). Plus, we show you how you can channel Lorelai and Rory to make these traditions fit into your yuletide season.

1. Tape some mistletoe to a ceiling fan.

CHRISTOPHER: Cool. Mistletoe.
LORELAI: Where are you going?
CHRISTOPHER: I'm gonna hang it up in the doorway.
RORY: Oh, that's not where it goes.
CHRISTOPHER: Where does it go?
RORY: We tape it to one of the blades of the ceiling fan upstairs. That way the kissing is more of a sport.
LORELAI: One of our traditions.

Buy the real stuff or try one of the tutorials below to make your own paper mistletoe. Then tape a bundle to a fan blade and have some fun. It's like spin the bottle with a seasonal twist.

 DIY Mistletoe Kissing Ball from Lia Griffith
DIY Mistletoe Kissing Ball from Lia Griffith
 DIY Mistletoe with Cricut from Megan Papworth
DIY Mistletoe with Cricut from Megan Papworth

2. Add some red and green M&Ms to your Christmas morning cereal.

We found that red and green M&Ms pair especially well with Cookie Crisp. Be prepared for a serious sugar rush.

Gilmore Girls Christmas Traditions: Add red and green M&Ms to your Christmas morning cereal! // Honey and Smoke Studio

3. Hang your stockings on the banister.

RORY: We string up our stockings on the bannister.
LORELAI: Yes, we used to string them up in the traditional place of the fireplace, but there was that fire incident and they nearly burned to bits. So now we put them on little nails on the banister.

Stay festive and fire-safe. If you don't have a staircase, try hanging your stockings from a bookcase or a bedpost.

4. Have a cup of holiday candy cane coffee.

Buy some Donut Shop Keurig K-Cups in Peppermint Bark or try the recipe below for a minty winter coffee treat.

 Donut Shop brand Keurig K-Cups in Peppermint Bark

 Slow Cooker Peppermint Vanilla Latte Recipe from Kitchen Treaty
Slow Cooker Peppermint Vanilla Lattes from Kitchen Treaty

5. "Bake" cookies.

LORELAI: ...And we bake cookies.
RORY: Well, we put on Christmas music, drink eggnog, and pretend to bake the cookies we bought from Weston's.
LORELAI: We do, however, make our own frosting. We use a handheld electric mixer from the dark ages so that Rory can continue the tradition of licking the beaters.

Channel the Sugar Plum Fairy while you frost and decorate your very own store-bought cookies. We think the Fairy would be pretty pleased with these fun cookies from Sugar & Cloth.

 Everything Sweet Sugar Cookies from Sugar & Cloth
Everything Sweet Sugar Cookies from Sugar & Cloth

6. Leave gum out for Santa.

LORELAI: And then, on Christmas Eve, we leave the cookies out for Santa's reindeer.
RORY: Santa prefers gum.

We're guessing Santa may be partial to Big Red. Just sayin'.

Gilmore Girls Christmas Traditions: Leave gum out for Santa! // Honey and Smoke Studio

7. Watch the 1940s comedy, Christmas in July.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

 Christmas in July (1940) on Amazon

Fun, right? Let us know if you decide to add any of the Gilmore Girls traditions to your holiday in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you. XOXO.

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