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Friday, February 6, 2015

NAMASTE, Y'ALL // Remembering India...

It's been four years to the day since I first set foot in India. Wow. It feels like too much time, like there should have been a return trip by now. I've been sorting through old memorabilia and photos from that trip for the last few days, remembering all of the amazing adventures we had. This year I want to figure out ways to document and display some of my travel memorabilia in a way that isn't too cheesy or over-the-top. Those moments in India are so important to me - moments that I HOPE my children will be interested in hearing about someday, moments that remind me that I can be brave and do things out of my comfort zone. I collected some of my favorite photos from my trip and I thought I would share them here along with some beautiful words about India...

"There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won't go. For me, India is such a place. When I first visited, I was stunned by the richness of the land, by its lush beauty and exotic architecture, by its ability to overload the senses with the pure, concentrated intensity of its colors, smells, tastes, and sounds. It was as if all my life I had been seeing the world in black and white and, when brought face-to-face with India, experienced everything re-rendered in brilliant technicolor." - Keith Bellows, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. If you want to read more about my trip (in excruciating detail), check out my travel blog posts HERE. XOXO.

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