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Friday, January 30, 2015

FITNESS FRIDAY // Yoga Booty Ballet

This week on Fitness Friday we're reviewing another at-home DVD workout, Yoga Booty Ballet. The specific DVDs that I have are the Yoga Booty Ballet Live 2-Disc Set with Hip Hop Abs and Cardio Cabaret. I LOVE these DVDs. They are in constant rotation in my home workout routine. As the title suggests, Gillian and Teigh, your workout spirit guides, cover flexibility (yoga), cardio (booty), and grace (ballet) in their workouts. You also do a lot of cheesy New Age-y things like intention-setting, breathing exercises and mudras. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all about that kinda stuff - it can be really FUN and centering - but I know some people will find it to be a little ridiculous so just wanted to give a heads up. Also, I should mention that there is a bongo player named Ravi. Moving on...

Hip Hop Abs is a 4-minute-long workout that starts out with a twenty-to-thirty-minute hip hop dance routine. This cardio portion of the workout leaves me pretty exhausted - out-of-breath, sweaty, flushed - and it also focuses on your abs. Some of the exercises are twists and "rib cage" moves that give your abs an extra push. Then you move on to a fifteen-minute ab workout. You're supposed to use a YBB "squishy ball" to perform most of the ab exercises but you can use any small workout-type inflatable ball. And a yoga mat is recommended, too. And lemme tell you, it gets sweaty. The abs portion of the workout is pretty killer for me. Granted, I have quite a bit of weight to lose so some of you who are more fit might find these workouts to be a bit easier than I do.

Cardio Cabaret starts out with a twenty-minute hip hop/cabaret-type dance routine. It's really fun and after the first three or four times you do each workout you will find that you have memorized the entire routine and can push yourself to do it full-out every time. Then you do a bit of ballet and balance work followed by some yoga and stretching. This is a shorter and easier workout than Hip Hop Abs but it still gets your heart pumping. Also, it's nice to be able to do the ballet leg work and get a chance to workout your core and improve your balance and, therefore, your grace.

I would recommend these to anyone with an open-mind who is looking for an energetic and FUN at-home workout. The first time you do each workout, it might be a little hard to learn or memorize the moves, but keep trying and, before you know it, you'll be a pro. I'm pretty sure I could be one of the students in the background by now.

What do you think about Yoga Booty Ballet? Have any of you tried it before? Lemme know in the comments below! XOXO

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