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Monday, January 12, 2015

EATS + DRINKS // Crunchy Winter Slaw Salad

My mom is the queen of salads. She knows how to throw together seemingly random ingredients to make a delicious and fairly healthy salad meal. This is one of the salads I learned from her, with my own twists added. It's super easy and there are no precise measurements so just throw these ingredients together for a yummy, crunchy winter salad, or customize it yourself by substituting other ingredients!

First, I started with a base of broccoli slaw [with shredded carrots and cabbage mixed in]. Then, I added some baby kale and chard. NOTE: if you plan on making a large batch of salad to have leftovers, I would omit the baby kale and chard as they get quite wilty.

I chopped up some green onions to add to the salad along with a bunch of dried cherries [straight from Michigan!]. Drizzle in some dressing - I used a light sweet vidalia onion dressing, which tasted superb. A poppy seed dressing would probably work just as well. Mix it all together.

 To add a little more crunch, I threw in some honey sesame sticks and honey roasted sunflower seeds. The sesame sticks can get a little soggy, too, so you might wanna add these on as a topping when served.

And there you have it! A delicious salad with a seriously satisfying crunch. YUM! BUON APPETITO!

I hope you enjoyed this Crunchy Winter Slaw Salad! XOXO.

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