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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 went by in a blur! A LOT of major events happened but they all somehow passed quietly by, without a lot of fanfare or to-do. In an attempt to reflect on the past year and prepare for the next, I picked my most favorite moment from each month of 2014. It was a tough choice but these twelve moments definitely made this year a happy one.

My favorite moment of January was definitely the fun snow day(s) we had. We played in the snow, building mini snowmen, playing with Jack (the dog), and making snow angels. We walked around our neighborhood and congregated at the bars down the street. We even managed to squeeze in a horror movie marathon. Definitely a snow day to remember!

My top moment of February was the Eat Your Heart Out Valentine's burlesque show by Effie's Club Follies. Two of my friends were performers and they did an excellent job! It was a really fun night out with friends + boyfriend. And I'm already counting down the days until the next burlesque show this January.

Boyfriend and I spent a week house-sitting for my parents and also pet-sitting their new puppy, Piper, and their cat, Picasso. It was fun fun times even though we both had sinus infections for part of the week.

I apparently didn't do much in the month of April but one fun moment was a birthday party for a couple of my gal friends. We got dressed up, lit sparklers and had fun treats + drinks and great conversations around the bonfire - my favorite kind of house party.

While I was visiting with some family, we decided to go to a local petting zoo to entertain my younger nieces and then to a wine tasting to entertain the grown-ups. Two completely different atmospheres that made for a memorable weekend trip.

In June, I spent a few days in the North Georgia mountains for boyfriend's annual family vacation. We got to spend some lazy days on the lake - swimming, tanning + reading on the dock, playing flashlight tag and board games at night, sharing yummy meals with his family.

I got to celebrate my birthday with my mom this year which was a change from most years. I usually go up to visit her sometime before or after but I haven't spent the actual day with her in quite a few years. It was nice to have some mother-daughter bonding time and we made some yum food, like spicy fish tacos with lime + cilantro crema AND homemade roasted strawberry ice cream for dessert. DELISH!

Boyfriend finally moved in this past August and we've been having a fun time playing house. It's really starting to feel like OUR home and we've established a good flow together. A successful experiment so far!

September was another mostly uneventful month but one fun night was the night of my friend Marlene's wedding. I got to get dressed up and spend the evening in Atlanta, sipping champagne + extra-dirty martinis, catching up with old friends, spending time with my sister who came down from Chicago, making great conversation with interesting strangers at my dinner table. FUN.

It was hard to choose a top moment from all of the amazing October moments so I just decided to include several of my favorites under the all-encompassing label of HALLOWEEN activities. Some extra special events that stick out include the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live performance, Halloween Sheet Fort Movie Night, several fun pumpkin carvings with friends and walking in the Wild Rumpus Parade. I LOVE Halloween!

This year was BIG Thanksgiving year in my household which meant there were nineteen of us under one roof for the holiday. It was pure chaos but the best kind of chaos there ever could be. It was so nice to get to hang out with all of my nieces and my nephew and to have boyfriend bond with those of my family members that he doesn't know as well.

Christmas-time is my favorite time of year and I would rather spend it with my family than anyone else in the world. We did our usual family traditions like Christmas Carol Karaoke, an epic Christmas Eve Snack Night, hiding the pickle on the tree, stuffing stockings - such a cozy and happy Christmas even though it was a smaller year.

All in all, it was a low-key but memorable year, full of good times with family and friends. Next year I hope to create even more magical moments with the people I love the most because THAT is the most important thing to me.

How was YOUR 2014? What were your favorite memories from this past year? And what are your hopes for the new year?

XOXO and HAPPY 2015!!

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