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Friday, December 19, 2014


This year boyfriend and I decided to forgo the traditional gift-giving route and stuff stockings with mini presents for each other instead. After we each celebrate with our families, we'll have our own Christmas just for the two of us so that we can open our stockings together. I thought I'd share some of the fun items I found for him in case anyone needs some very last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for the men in their lives. Most of these [or similar items] should be available on Amazon. Here we go!:

- anchovies [these gross me out but he loves them on crackers]
- matzoh ball & soup mix [his favorite comfort food]
- justin's chocolate hazelnut butter [to satisfy his sweet tooth]
- mini chuao honeycomb chocopod [these are the best things me]

- wine wipes [to keep his smile stain-free after a dinner date out]
- bee + flower bar soap in ginseng + sandalwood [super cheap + nice-smelling]
- blistex lip medex [to keep those chapped winter lips away]

- incense [he has an obsession with burning incense and I don't mind most of it]
- henry miller book [we've been going through a Miller phase lately]
- gold dino skeleton [just a fun tchotchke for his desk...check out the diy HERE!]
- herb lester map of rome [he LOVES maps and we took italian classes together so this is perfect for his collection]
- diy cheese kit [boyfriend has been getting really into making bread from scratch and wants to move onto cheese next so this mini kit is the perfect starting place]

I'm also gonna add in a few more items like mini bottles of nice whiskey but I think I have a pretty nice spread for him so far. I hope you enjoyed this little stocking stuffer tour and hopefully you got some great ideas for last-minute items or for next year's stocking.

I hope y'all have a merry + happy holiday! We'll be gone for the next week, enjoying family time and Christmas fun, but we'll be back on the 29th with a new post! See you then! XOXO.

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