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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Advent calendars are fun for young + old alike. Kids can get excited with anticipation for Christmas Day and adults can keep track of how many days they have left to CRAM in holiday cheer. I've always been a fan of TO DO WISHLIST-type advent calendars - the ones that suggest a fun new holiday activity each day. So I threw together a very last-minute advent calendar with materials I already had at home. TA DA!


bulletin board
fun kraft or wrapping paper to cover the bulletin board
blank chipboard gift tags of various shapes + sizes
sharpie, color of choice
red + green thumb tacks
a list of fun holiday to-dos

1. First, measure the inside cork part of your bulletin board [width + length] and cut out a corresponding sized rectangle from the fun kraft or wrapping paper you chose for your background. Adhere paper to bulletin board - I used a row of cute gray mushroom pushpins from Target to keep my kraft paper background in place. You could follow my lead or use double stick tape or poster mounts for yours.

2. Count out 24 or 25 chipboard tags [I only count down through Christmas Eve but a lot of people count down through Christmas Day] and create a layout that makes you happy. I chose a diamond/tree shape so the pushpins would look like little ornaments. Number the tags from 1 to 24 or 25 on the front. On the back, write your chosen holiday activities. If you don't like your handwriting or would rather have more uniformity, you can type + print numbers and activities in cute fonts and glue them to the tags.

3. Use the red + green push pins to pin the tags to the bulletin board in your chosen layout. As each day in December comes, flip the tag from the numbered side to the activity side to find out what holiday fun is in store for you!

Here are the holiday activities that I chose for my personal advent calendar. Mine are fairly specific to me + my household so feel free to create your own TO DO WISHLIST for the season.

1. make + display advent calendar.
2. make banoffee pie and eat with coffee while watching Little Women.
3. hang Christmas lights on the porch.
4. go to the Christmas parade + tree-lighting ceremony downtown.
5. have a backyard bonfire with roasted marshmallows +  hotdogs.
6. celebrate the full moon at 7:27am.
7. volunteer with Hillel at Christmas event.
8. make mini pom pom decorations for cacti.
9. cut out paper snowflakes to decorate the office.
10. teach myself to play "Mele Kalikimaka" on ukulele.
11. send some holiday cards.
12. make hot chocolate before my final.
13. bake spritz cookies for eating + gifting and cinnamon dough ornaments for decorating.
14. set-up + decorate Christmas tree.
15. 2nd Annual Christmas Lights Tour of Athens!
16. make latkes + celebrate the first night of Hanukkah.
17. make pinecone feeders + popcorn garlands for the birds.
18. listen to the N'Sync Christmas album while doing some holiday house-cleaning.
19. host a Gingerbread Neighborhood Construction Party.
20. build a fort, make popcorn + watch Christmas movies.
21. take a winter walk.
22. have breakfast for dinner.
23. make a cheese plate, grab a seasonal brew + wrap Christmas presents.
24. Christmas Carol Karaoke!

SUPER easy and SUPER cheap - especially since a lot of people (like me) will have these materials lying around their house. Do you use an advent calendar? What is your favorite type? Have you ever tried making your own? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'm always tempted to make one of these to do with the kids but worried I couldn't follow through. Let me know how it goes!

    And I think #23 needs Elf on in the background! ;)