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Friday, December 5, 2014


Words cannot describe the wonders of Banoffee Pie. YUM. It's a super creamy and incredibly rich combo of bananas + toffee topped with whipped cream + a dusting of chocolate, all in a buttery shortbread crust. I'm drooling just thinking about it. The first time I had the pleasure of trying banoffee pie was at Christmas-time a few years back. My oldest sister made the delectable dessert on a whim and we ate it while we watched Little Women. I've been wanting to recreate that memory and turn it into a holiday tradition but I run out of time or forget or some other excuse conveniently pops up. This year, I read through quite a few recipes, decided it was going to be a breeze to make, and came up with my own shortcut version. The only steps I dreaded were making the toffee [which can be done ahead but takes two-and-a-half hours plus cooling time YIKES] and making myself wait for the pie to set in the fridge for two hours before serving. But even these were a cinch, promise!

[pairs well with a black cuppa coffee, flannel pajamas, and a screening of Little Women with your sisters]

premade shortbread or graham cracker crust
one can of sweetened condensed milk
three medium-ripe bananas
one cup heavy whipping cream
one-half teaspoon vanilla
chocolate bar of your choice


1. MAKE THE TOFFEE *THIS STEP CAN BE DONE AHEAD OF TIME* - Peel the label off of the can of sweetened condensed milk. Place in a deep pot with a heavy bottom and cover with water. I made sure there was at least an inch of water above the top of the can at all times. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the can stay submerged completely in water the whole time it cooks or an explosion can occur [and cleaning toffee off of the walls + ceiling does not sound like a fun time at all]. Boil the can for two-and-a-half hours, checking every thirty minutes or so to make sure there is plenty of water in the pot. Let cool completely.

2. MAKE THE WHIPPED CREAM - Combine the heavy whipping cream with the vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Beat on medium with an electric handmixer until peaks begin to form and it retains a thicker consistency. Keep cool in the refrigerator until needed. NOTE - if you want to cut out even more time, you could buy premade whipped topping like Cool Whip. But it really didn't take long at all to make by hand.

3. ASSEMBLE THE PIE - Slice the three bananas. Layer into the bottom of your premade pie crust. Once the toffee is done cooling completely, open the can and pour evenly over the sliced bananas in the pie crust. Spread a thick layer of the whipped cream on top of the toffee layer. Take the chocolate bar and grate evenly over the entire top of the pie. You can even use a vegetable peeler to CAREFULLY create [or try to create in my case] chocolate curls as a garnish.

4. REFRIGERATE - Put the pie in the refrigerator for at least two hours so it can set and cool completely.

5. SERVE - Serve straight from the fridge with cups of fresh black coffee - it helps keep the overwhelming sweetness of the pie in check. Keep the remaining pie cool in the fridge for up to three days.

I hope you end up loving Banoffee Pie as much as I do...or at least half as much. Maybe this recipe will become a new holiday tradition for YOUR family, too!



  1. Beautiful! Makes me wish I liked bananas ;)

    1. Thanks!! I would totally make some for you if you were a fan of bananas! :)