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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today is the final PLANT BEBES post for this season. I'll restart the series sometime in the Spring to catch y'all up on any new growth or if they survived the winter. Today's focus is on my Ficus lyrata, or Fiddle leaf fig plant. These plants are super trendy in the blogging world and in interior design communities right now. And they are super expensive if you purchase a 3 - 5 foot tall plant for your home. So I decided to start with a little 4" plant and try to grow it to that size within a few years. I'll feel more accomplished that way (if I succeed)! I received this little gal as a Christmas present in 2013. She's already grown over twice the size she was when I got her. Here are her portraits:

Fiddle leaf figs are fairly easy to take care of. They only need watered when the first inch of top soil is dry, which isn't that often. Probably once every week or two weeks during growing season. They prefer bright, filtered sunlight. They should be fertilized once a month during growing season and not at all in the winter (obviously). Like the Sansevieria, you should keep their leaves dust-free by wiping every now and then with a soft cloth to allow better light absorption. Keep in mind that they don't like to be moved around a lot of subjected to drafts.

And that's all, folks - the final post of my PLANT BEBES series for 2014. I hope you enjoyed following along and meeting my beautiful plant family. Check back in the Spring for new updates and obituaries for those who don't make it :(

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