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Monday, September 1, 2014


It's officially September, which, in my book, means that it is FALL for the next three months. YAY! Like many others before me, I am at my best during the fall season. And while the weather is still VERY hot in Georgia in September, I am going to spend this month getting into the Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday spirit a little early. Here is my seasonal inspiration...

This year I want to try my hand at making my own sparkling hard cider. This recipe from The Kitchn seems easy to follow and yummy.

I'm planning on having a pumpkin carving get-together on my porch in October, as a celebration of finishing my September Home Renovation plans for the Porch + Outdoor. Then I plan on lining my steps [there are only three] with jack-o-lanterns, like a smaller scale version of this photo from the Design Sponge Instagram.

For Halloween this year I am going to dress as Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous. I know, I's gonna be one of those costumes where everyone is asking, "Who are you supposed to be?" but I don't care. I have turned down TOO many great costume ideas for that exact reason and I'm not doing that anymore. Plus it's gonna be super fun to be Patsy. I'll have to marathon some Ab Fab to get her mannerisms down.

If I had kids I would love to do this sheet ghost family costume. So simple and nostalgic and it packs more punch as a group. *I cannot seem to find the source for this image. If anyone knows where it came from, please comment below so that I can properly give credit. Thanks!

I can't wait to get started with fall baking. YUM. So many amazing cinnamon, apple, maple, pumpkin treats to be made and devoured. I recently bought some mini loaf pans from Williams Sonoma so this Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel from Honestly Yum is definitely gonna happen soon.

Check out more seasonal swoons after the jump!

This year is BIG Thanksgiving year - meaning that my married-with-children siblings will be at my parent's house for Thanksgiving this year, aka Big Thanksgiving. It switches between Big Thanksgiving and Big Christmas every year. Anyhow, I would love to make some autumnal flower crowns for my mother, sisters, sister-in-laws, and nieces this year. I think it would be a fun activity to get my nieces involved in collecting twigs + sprigs from outdoors to make the crowns, too. SO pretty.

Every year I am in charge of styling + setting the Thanksgiving table. BIG DEAL, I know. Haha. This year, I'm trying to plan ahead and get some inspiration for my tablescape. I'm loving this one from Anthropologie and Remodelista. I love the use of colorful fruits and the bright royal blue napkins.

I'm really digging this emerald green color this year. It just so happens to look great with my skin tone and hair color, too. I would love for my Thanksgiving outfit to be something like this one from ASOS - simple but pretty and easily dressed up with accessories. I think this would look great with some statement gold jewelry and bright orangey-red lips [like my favorite NARS lipstick in Heat Wave].

I love these DIY Thanksgiving place mats from Oh My Deer. I am thinking about making some for the kids' table this year. That way they can write down what they're thankful for and then color on the rest of the place mat while they eat or when they get bored. FUN!

Another awesome idea for the kids...and the adults, too! I definitely plan on making these clay wishbones from Oh Happy Day! That way everyone can get a chance to get their Thanksgiving wish, without having to use the icky bone from the turkey.

What are YOUR seasonal swoons for fall?

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