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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Today's focus for my PLANT BEBES series is my SUCCULENT family. I'm not sure exactly what TYPE of succulent a few of these guys are but they follow the same basic care instructions. Here is my succulent family portrait:

Aren't they cool? I love the variety of textures and shapes. The first of my succulent plant bebes that I want to focus on today is my Aloe vera plant. He has no pet name yet but here's his portrait:

Aloe vera likes lots of indirect sunlight and little water. It's super easy to overwater (which is what is happening to it right now) so make sure the soil completely dries out between bi-weekly waterings. I also think that this guy is suffering from too little sunlight because his leaves should be growing upward but they're growing more horizontal. He's definitely gonna need some special loving if he's gonna make it until Spring.

Next up is Crassula ovata 'Hobbit', a cultivar of a Jade plant - but I like to call him, Meriadoc (after my favorite hobbit):

This little dude likes full sun to partial shade and soil that drains well. During growing season it needs to be watered about once every two weeks, like most succulents + cacti. And in the winter you should stop watering completely. A lot of Meri's leaves have been breaking off easily so I'm worried that he's not doing too well. He does look especially sparse in the photo. Only time will tell...

My next succulent plant bebe is Aloe 'Minnie Belle':

I like her spiky, patterned leaves. This gal was just repotted so she's looking a little wonky. I hope she can handle the shock! Like the other succulents, she needs full indirect sunlight to partial shade, good drainage and hardly any watering.

The last two succulents in my collection are my mystery succulents. I'm not sure what their scientific or common names are, so if you have any idea, let me know in the comments below! I'd be ever so thankful! Here are the mystery succulents:

I got this guy for my birthday but he had no plant marker or tag so I'm not sure what type of succulent he is. He's looking a little rough but I keep hoping he'll pull through!

This guy was a cutting from some wild succulent that was growing at my mother's house. I sat the little guy in some soil and watered him and he immediately grew roots and started growing like crazy! Wish I knew what kind it was. It kinda looks like rosemary but in succulent form.

And there you have it - MY SUCCULENT PLANT BEBES! Fingers crossed that all of them live on into the Spring! My PLANT BEBES series will continue on September 17th with my SANSEVIERIA plant. Be sure to check it out!

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