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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm starting a new series about my PLANT BEBES. First, let's make it clear that I am NOT a gardener. No green thumb here. My mother is an amazing gardener and has even been featured in a newspaper for her lovely flower gardens. I would LOVE to be good at keeping plants alive and even have a flourishing veggie garden someday, like my mum, so I'm practicing with an indoor garden of cacti and succulents, plus a couple other plants. This is all a huge experiment for me - figuring out a good balance between drowning my plants and putting them through a drought. This PLANT BEBES series of blog posts will keep track of plant growth and tips + tricks I learn along the way. Every other Wednesday through the month of September I'll focus on a new plant or group of plants and then growing season will officially be over and I won't do a plant update again until the Spring.

Without further ado, I'm kicking off this new series with a few family portraits of my PLANT BEBES:

Check back on August 20th for a feature on my cacti bebes!

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