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Friday, August 15, 2014


This month I've been feeling super motivated to transform my kitchen into a more efficient yet welcoming space. I am currently on a strict budget so I'll have to get creative with my resources but I'm up for the challenge. Here are some images I felt especially drawn to when I was searching Pinterest and blogland for kitchen inspiration:

1. I really love the black tile walls in this kitchen. I think they would look great for a back-splash. AND the organized shelves make the OCD girl in me say "HOORAY!"

2. These painted floors make me SWOON! I love traditional black + white checkered floors but I like it on a diagonal even more.

3. In this kitchen, I love the abundance of natural light, the mismatched bar stools, and the PLANTS! Ferns are so great and have always been a porch must-have in my family but I never thought of putting them in the kitchen. It works!

4. I will never be able to afford one of these cute SMEG refrigerators but I can at least style mine up like this one! Because my fridge is stuck in an awkward spot in the middle of the kitchen, I feel like I should treat it as an object of decor. Hmm...I wonder if painting a fridge is a thing I can do...

5. This kitchen layout reminded me of my stove area, but with more counter space and those sweet shelves next to the stove. I also LOVE the black floors with that great rug.

Check out more kitchen inspiration after the jump!

6. I love this idea for a coffee corner from the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. It's nice to keep things you use frequently in a specific area that is easy to get to. I like coffee but I am much more of a tea drinker these days so it would be great to have a little tea corner in my kitchen.

7. I want a hanging pot rack SO BAD. My mom has always had one in her kitchen since I can remember and I have always admired what great space-savers they are. Plus I think they can be made to look aesthetically pleasing like this one, with matching pots and some plant life.

8. This exposed shelving with canned + preserved foods looks amazing! Aesthetically, it adds a pop of color to the room and, functionally, it helps you store and keep track of the foods that you have. Love it!

9. If you couldn't tell already, I am a huge fan of a black + white kitchen. I like how the industrial nature of the black + white walls in this kitchen are warmed up by the butcher block work spaces, the brass hanging lamp, and some framed prints. I'm also thinking I need a knife strip in my kitchen but they might be too horror story for me.

10. This kitchen drew me in because of the bright white walls, the natural light, and the SUPERB organization. It looks so clean and airy!

Well, there you have it - my kitchen inspiration for this month! Some common threads that I noticed throughout these images were a black + white color scheme with small pops of color, exposed shelving, plant life and lots of space-saving and creative organization ideas. These are all features that I would like to focus on incorporating into my kitchen renovation this month.

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