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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Meteor Shower Memories

In honor of tonight's annual Quadrantids meteor shower, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on three distinct meteor shower memories from my past. The first memory took place when I was in high school in the early-2000s during the Perseids meteor shower. I was spending the night at my friend Jen's house and she had invited her boyfriend and his curly-headed friend over to watch the star show with us. We brought mattresses out onto Jen's back porch and sat out there in the chilly fall night, counting literally hundreds of shooting stars. It was so magical that I just HAD to make out with the curly-headed friend. So there's that...

My second meteor shower memory was seven years ago, during the Quadrantids meteor shower in January of 2010. My little brother and our good mutual friend had the brilliant idea to avoid light pollution and drive way out to the country to watch the meteor shower. We put a mattress in the back of our friend's truck, bundled up, and drove out to the cow fields. As we pulled down a random dirt road, we met a long line of cars full of other people who had the exact same brilliant idea as us that night. It ended up being a nice little surprise. We lay in the back of the truck, drinking eggnog and searching for meteors, listening to the conversations around us. I think we only ended up seeing one or two actual meteors, if any, but the overall feeling of that night was very memorable.

My third meteor shower memory was also more memorable for the experience itself and the company I kept than for how spectacular the meteor shower was. It was a few months after I started dating my soon-to-be husband and we drove out to the country to watch the Perseids meteor shower. This time, no one else was out in the fields, and for good reason, as we didn't end up seeing a single meteor. But we did have a good time, laying on the roof of my car, Blueberry, getting to know each other better and listening to music through the open car windows.

You should try to see if you can catch any shooting stars tonight. Make it a to-do and invite people you love. Even if you don't see a single meteor, it will be a worthwhile memory, I promise.


Monday, January 2, 2017

January Vibes

Happy 2017! Here's hoping for a cozy, colorful and fun new year. Instead of the same old resolutions, this year I'm choosing a theme: COMMUNITY. I'm hoping to make some new friends, strengthen my current relationships, volunteer, and get more involved in local politics and events. It feels like a good year to build up a strong community of loved ones and like-minded pals. Speaking of which, Matt and I will be getting married in front of our amazing families and closest friends this April. WOOHOO! It's gonna be an exciting year. I can feel it already.

It's time to kick off this year's monthly vibes series with January. This month, I'm feeling clean, bright, and minimal but cozy vibes. I'm loving the mix of cooler pastels with warmer natural tones and stark white. It combines a sense of the freshness of a new year and a desire to purge or cleanse with a sense of hygge (apparently the buzzword of 2016) and a desire for winter coziness.

What vibes are you feeling this January?

XOXO/Happy New Year!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Meet the Hargroves!: 4 months until we get hitched

Oh goodness, it's only FOUR months away! Yikes! We have gotten a few more wedding planning things accomplished in the past month but the holidays are really slowing me down. Here's what we have completed:


We officially asked our bridal party. Most of the people we had already talked to ahead of time but of course I had to do something more official [duh!]. I found cute "ask" cards from Marrygrams and Firefly Paper Studio to send to the adult bridal party members with a sweet note inside. And for the children in the bridal party, I found these adorable confetti poppers from Relish Print Design that "ask" them to be in the wedding. My nieces and nephew had fun exploding the poppers on Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's home. You can see the aftermath in the first image of the post.


We finished planning the rehearsal dinner with Matt's mom. We're having a Southern buffet dinner in the ballroom of a local hotel, followed by a slideshow his mom wants to make for us (so sweet!) and after-dinner-drinks at Normal Bar (where Matt and I met).


We picked out our ceremony reading. It's an excerpt from a silly but sweet children's book from the '60s called "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard Warburg. We also planned out the basics of our ceremony but will finalize with our officiant closer to the wedding date.


- Finished our wedding website.
- Finished registering.
- Sent save the dates.


- Decide on the dudes' outfits.
- Find a florist.
- Order cakes and rentals.
- Order programs and signage.


Pretty good. Focusing on the holidays is a welcome break from wedding planning. And it's nice to be able to get opinions and talk things through face-to-face with my mom, sisters, and family. We're trudging along, although I can't make up my mind on the final decor decisions. Ugh. Time is ticking.

Stay tuned for more wedding updates! #mattandchelseagethitched


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Meet the Hargroves!: 5 months until we get hitched

In the last month, we've gotten a few big wedding planning items out of the way.


by Twin Hearts Photography

We found our photographers! We're going with Lauren Gregg and Jackie Baxter of Twin Hearts Photography, based out of Athens. I love their aesthetic and they seem like good people. They had photographed a good friend's wedding that we attended this past May and I was impressed with them. They managed to get some amazing shots and they were so good at blending in with the guests that you were never overtly aware that there were photographers at the event. That's a big plus in my book!


I settled on bridesmaid dresses. I decided to try something a bit unconventional (but cost-effective!) and have the bridal party rent their dresses. After doing some research, I settled on Union Station, because I liked how easy it was to navigate their website and the variety of style and color options. I chose two different cocktail length dress styles, the Kate and the Emma. As for color, I knew I wanted something bold and bright but in a color that would look flattering on everyone. I ordered a few swatches and then chose a really deep royal blue color for the gals on my side. The gals on Matt's side will be wearing the same dress style as my side but in a dark slate gray to match the guys' suits. In my mind, this all works out and looks great but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


We also decided on our wedding stationery. I wanted something simple and casual but fun with modern font faces and a hint of bright color. I found a few great options on Paperless Post, ordered samples, and had Matt narrow it down to the winner, which was also my personal favorite: Charlotte Street II from Kate Spade for Paperless Post. The blue almost perfectly matches the blue of the bridesmaid dresses.


- Reserved a hotel block (which was actually a bit of a nightmare as we found out that there were a few unanticipated sporting events planned the same weekend as my wedding).
- Ordered save the dates.


- Decide on the dudes' outfits.
- Find a florist.
- Order cakes and rentals.
- Send save the dates.
- Officially ask the bridal party.
- Plan the rehearsal dinner.


I'm kind of questioning why I chose a short engagement. I guess so I could compact all the stress into fewer months but there are SO many decisions that have to be made. All in all, it's getting there and I keep trying to remember that the wedding will be fun and happy no matter what it looks like or what happens. Matt doesn't have much interest in the planning process but I try to really listen to him and put him in charge of things that he does care strongly about, like the music. He's already finished the cocktail hour playlist. And I still get his opinion on the things that he doesn't care about, too. 

Stay tuned for more wedding updates! #mattandchelseagethitched


Friday, October 7, 2016

Meet the Hargroves!: 6 months until we get hitched

We've officially reserved our wedding date and it's only about six months away! That's right...we're tying the knot in April of 2017. Time to get planning! Here's what we've accomplished so far in only a week of being engaged:


We've reserved our venue! The ceremony and reception will both be held at Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens. Little Kings is one of me and Matt's favorite bars in Athens. They  have a great indoor area that has beautiful arched windows and a vintage-industrial look with lots of cozy seating. And the outdoor area is spacious and has a quirky vibe with cool graffiti pieces on the walls, a boat with a deck built around it, and an old red and yellow tin can rv (all of which will be great for photo ops). The ceremony will happen outside then the guests will head inside for a cocktail hour heavy on the mimosas and bloody marys. Then back outside for a brunch buffet. Speaking of which...



We've nailed down a caterer! White Tiger Gourmet, a hip, quaint neighborhood eatery with delicious modern Southern food will be serving up a yummy brunch buffet for our guests. We almost have a menu nailed down and so far we're thinking a biscuit bar with toppings like pimento cheese, jam and honey, cheese grits, veggie frittatas, fruit, bacon, and other goodies. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!


- Figured out our budget
- Booked our officiant
- Started our guest list
- Chose our wedding party (we will officially ask them at the beginning of November)
- Started our registries and wedding website


- Book a photographer
- Decide on wedding party attire
- Find a florist
- Reserve a block of hotel rooms
- Order cakes and rentals


Pretty good so far! We had talked about eloping to Vegas and then having a big party with our family and friends to celebrate. But somehow plans have evolved into a fairly traditional yet casual wedding. Some of the planning is stressful, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing, but as we get new things booked and figured out, we get more and more excited.

Stay tuned for more wedding updates! #mattandchelseagethitched


Monday, October 3, 2016

BIG NEWS: I'm engaged!

Hoo-ray! Matt and I got engaged on October 1, 2016! We've been together for over four years and we've lived together for over two. And we'd been talking more and more about the future and of course we both hope to spend it together. So we're getting hitched!


Matt was born and raised in Savannah and most of his family still lives there so he and I headed down to his family's house on Tybee Island for the weekend to visit with his mom and her boyfriend. Matt and I went down to the beach Saturday evening and swam in the ocean then sat in the sand to watch the waves. We moved up to one of the wooden swings near the dunes and he proposed to me there. We immediately called and texted our close friends and family then went back to the house to celebrate with champagne.


Matt gave me his maternal grandmother's engagement ring from the 1950s. Those of you who know me know how much I LOVE mid-century '50s and '60s things. This ring is no exception. I never thought I'd be into a big diamond ring but the Art Deco vibe to this one makes me forget that. And it fits perfectly! My mom told me that the engagement ring that my dad gave her was his maternal grandmother's, too. So that made the whole thing extra sweet and special to me.


We really want a short engagement so we don't have to drag out the nightmare of wedding planning. So we're planning on getting married in the spring of 2017. We also want our wedding and any celebrations to be about both Matt and I as a couple and not bride-centric affairs. We're looking to have a relaxed, fun, semi-casual wedding that reflects our relationship. We both have the same #1 priority going into this and that is to be able to include every member of our huge but closeknit families and all of our closest friends in our celebration.

I'll be updating the blog each month with the current state of our planning process. And be sure to check out #mattandchelseagethitched on Instagram for photo updates. We hope you enjoy the making of our big day!


Monday, August 1, 2016


(clockwise from top right): one // two // three // four (can't find) // five
// six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven 

August is all about the bittersweet end of summer and the nervous excitement of back-to-school time. For August, we're vibing on bold shades of blue mixed with neon orange and touches of red and pink, rounded shapes and patterns, and quirky images of outer space.